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Visit Finland is an integral part of Finpro, a registered association almost 100 per cent funded by the Finnish Government. Finpro helps Finnish SME companies that represent a multitude of lines of industry and business. The aim is to help companies attract foreign investments to Finland, become more international in their line of work and, more recently, promote Finland as an attractive tourist destination to a world-wide audience.

Visit Finland works closely with ministries, travel businesses, transport companies and Finnish regions. This cooperation involves research, product development and, above all, marketing of leisure tourism to Finland from abroad.

Finland Convention Bureau (FCB) is a part of Visit Finland. FCB promotes Finland actively in the Meetings Industry sector (meetings, incentives, congresses, events).

Outside Finland Visit Finland is represented in the following key target countries: China, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Russia and USA.

Finpro has an extensive network of Trade Centres abroad, and these centres come in handy for Visit Finland in 2nd or 3rd tier tourism generating countries, whether this is focused on international congresses, gathering market trend information or other.

Visit Finland contact information

Finpro, Visit Finland

Address: P.O. Box 358, 00181 Helsinki

Porkkalankatu 1, c/o Finpro

E-mail: (at)

Tel:+358 29 46 951

Contact e-mails: firstname.lastname (at)

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